Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Israel's Hypocrisy on Trump's Leak to Putin

It's difficult to find an issue on which Israel is not a hypocrite, but I will focus on one of Trump's more recent alleged scandals.

Trump gave intelligence to Putin, which he'd allegedly gotten from Israel. According to a report by Adam Goldman, Eric Schmitt, and Peter Baker in The New York Times [May 16, 2017]:

The classified intelligence that President Trump disclosed in a meeting last week with Russian officials at the White House was provided by Israel, according to a current and a former American official familiar with how the United States obtained the information....

Mr. Trump's boasting about some of Israel's most sensitive information to the Russians could damage the relationship between the two countries and raises the possibility that the information could be passed to Iran, Russia’s close ally and Israel's main threat in the region.

By some reports, Israel is upset. And hypocritical, considering Israel's mishandling of American intelligence. Such as that which Israel stole from the U.S. through its spy Jonathan Pollard, which Israel then sold to Russia -- when Russia was still the Soviet Union (i.e., Communist) and America's greatest adversary.

As reported by Philip Giraldi in The American Conservative [Dec. 2, 2015]:

Former CIA Director William Casey and others believed that the Israelis provided at least some of the stolen information to the Soviet Union in exchange for the expedited emigration of Russian Jews.

Understand, Trump is alleged to have given intelligence to Russia, which Israel had given to the U.S. Meaning, the information wasn't damaging to Israel. Whereas Israel stole information from the U.S. which Israel gave to Russia. Meaning, its release to Russia was far more damaging to the U.S.

And Israel continues to aggressively spy on the U.S. An Associated Press report, carried in Haaretz [Jul. 28, 2012] states:

In addition to what the former U.S. officials described to AP as intrusions in [American] homes in the past decade [by Israel spies], Israel has been implicated in U.S. criminal espionage cases and disciplinary proceedings against CIA officers and blamed in the presumed death of an important spy in Syria for the CIA during the administration of President George W. Bush.

That's right. Our "greatest ally" Israel is responsible for the death of an American agent. This is noteworthy, because Israel complains that Trump's leak to Putin endangered an Israeli spy. Hypocrisy indeed. 


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Libertarian Party Infiltrated by Goverment Spies

I found the below comment, posted on April 23, 2017 by "Andy" over at Independent Political Report, to be both interesting and unnerving:

I know that one FIOA [Freedom of Information Act] request was done by 1978 LP candidate for Governor of California, and 1980 candidate for President, Ed Clark. It came out in the report there was a government plant at the first LP meeting in California, which I believe was in 1972. The name was of course redacted.

Ed Clark said that he knew everyone at that meeting, and that all of them remained active in the party for years after this. Which means that whoever this was, acted as a long term plant in the party.

I heard that an LP member from Texas did a FOIA request in the 1980s or early 1990s and found that there was a government plant at every LNC meeting that he attended when he was on the LNC. Once again, the name was redacted

I also heard from an LP member of Kentucky that somebody in their state party did a FOIA request back in the 1990s, and they found that there was a government plant in their state party, but of course, once again, the name was redacted.

I'd be willing to bet money that a lot of the weird stuff that has gone on in the LP, including right here at IPR with a lot of the troll posts, and related stuff (which includes death threats and other things only a few people here know about), is coming from government trolls.

It would not surprise me at all if the government has at least a few plants in every state party, the more active county parties, the LNC, and the more active campaigns (like the presidential campaigns).

It should be blatantly obvious that the last three LP presidential tickets have been hijackers from the establishment. 

Andy's post reminds me of a story I once heard about the Los Angeles Police Dept attempting to infiltrate the local LP. The story can be taken as factual, or a joke, or as urban legend told by local LPs around the country. Its plausibility is for you to decide, but Andy's post does throw new light on the story.

You can read this LAPD story here.


Thursday, April 27, 2017

Trump's Hypocrisy on Saudi Arabia

President Donald Trump is complaining that Saudi Arabia doesn't pay its "fair share" to have America defend them.

Stephen J. Adler, Jeff Mason and Steve Holland report for Reuters [April 27, 2017]:

President Donald Trump complained on Thursday that U.S. ally Saudi Arabia was not treating the United States fairly and Washington was losing a "tremendous amount of money" defending the kingdom.

In an interview with Reuters, Trump confirmed his administration was in talks about possible visits to Saudi Arabia and Israel in the second half of May. He is due to make his first trip abroad as president for a May 25 NATO summit in Brussels and could add other stops.

"Frankly, Saudi Arabia has not treated us fairly, because we are losing a tremendous amount of money in defending Saudi Arabia," he said.

Trump's criticism of Riyadh, the world’s top oil exporter, was a return to his 2016 election campaign rhetoric when he accused the kingdom of not pulling its weight in paying for the U.S. security umbrella.

"Nobody’s going to mess with Saudi Arabia because we’re watching them," Trump told a campaign rally in Wisconsin a year ago. "They’re not paying us a fair price. We're losing our shirt."

It's true that Saudi Arabia is not paying the U.S. for its "protection." But how much is Israel paying for American support? Oh, that's right, we're paying for Israel's defense -- despite that fact that Israel is an extremely wealthy nation.

Trump's concept of "America First" seems to mean that all of our "allies" -- NATO, Saudi Arabia, etc. -- should pay the U.S. for whatever defense the U.S. provides -- with the exception of Israel.

In the case of Israel, we pay them. Even though, in the 1970s, Israel said they only required a few more years of aid.

There is no good reason for this continuing welfare/wealth transfer from the U.S. to Israel. Israel's survival does not depend on it. Israel takes the money -- demands the money and offers no gratitude -- because it can. Because Israel's lobby -- and its supporters in the U.S. establishment and media -- are powerful and unforgiving bullies.


Sunday, April 09, 2017

Trump's "Anti-Fascist" Critics Praise Trump for Waging War

Ever since he became a serious candidate for president, Trump's foes have attacked him for being a "fascist" (among other things). Their insults intensified after Trump was elected president. And intensified still further after he assumed office and began issuing orders.

Ironically, after Trump's most fascist action yet -- his military strike on Syria -- those same critics are now praising Trump.

According to Glenn Greenwald [April 7, 2017]: 

In every type of government, nothing unites people behind the leader more quickly, reflexively or reliably than war. Donald Trump now sees how true that is, as the same establishment leaders in U.S. politics and media who have spent months denouncing him as a mentally unstable and inept authoritarian and unprecedented threat to democracy are standing and applauding him as he launches bombs at Syrian government targets.

We are truly living in an Orwellian Bizarro World. While some of Trump's previous actions were not particularly libertarian, neither were they strictly fascist. Barring people from a country (e.g., Trump's Muslim travel ban and his attempts to deport criminal aliens) is not fascist. I'm sure many of Hitler's and Stalin's victims would have loved it had these dictators deported them rather than murdered them.

Barring people from entering a country is unfriendly. Waging wars of aggression on them -- killing them -- is far worse. Far more fascistic. Indeed, wars of aggression are one of the key traits of fascism.

So it is ironic -- supremely ironic -- that Trump's critics, neoliberal and neocon, in media and in government, who for so long have excoriated Trump for being fascist, are now praising him for his most purely fascist act yet.

Sorry about our past insults, Mr. President. We were worried you weren't a real fascist. Now that we see you are, we'll stop calling you a fascist.

Strange times indeed.


Thursday, April 06, 2017

Trump Turns Neocon -- Fires Steve Bannon and Attacks Syria

President Donald J. Trump has turned into a full-blown Neocon with his missile attack on Syria.

Reporting for the Wall Street Journal [April 6, 2017], Gordon Lubold and Dion Nissenbaum write:

The U.S. military launched nearly 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles against a Syrian air base Friday, responding to mounting calls for a display of force in the wake of this week’s suspected chemical-weapons attack in Syria. The strikes represented the first time a U.S. military operation deliberately targeted the regime of President Bashar al-Assad...

"The first time." This means that Trump has escalated the war from whatever Obama had been doing. The WSJ quotes Trump as saying:

"It is in the vital national security interest of the United States to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons," Mr. Trump said. "There can be no dispute that Syria used banned chemical weapons." 

I guess the part about this attack being in the "vital national security interest" of the United States is meant to signal that Trump is still following an "America First" foreign policy. Sort of like his continuing generous foreign aid to Israel.

This attack on Syria comes shortly after Trump removed "alt right" figure Steve Bannon from the National Security Council, replacing him with the usual Neocon hawks.

Reporting for the Wall Street Journal [April 5, 2017], Carol E. Lee and Eli Stokols write:

President Donald Trump's chief strategist, Steve Bannon, has been removed from the National Security Council's principals committee, and top U.S. intelligence officials have been restored as permanent members, according to a new presidential memorandum.

It's beginning to look as if Trump has surrendered to the Deep State. After suffering political paralysis during his first two months in office, Trump is determined to become a historically "successful" president, even that means rubber-stamping the identical globalist, war-mongering policies of the Clinton, Bush, and Obama years.

Trump is becoming Obama in whiteface. Who, in turn, was Bush in blackface.

Adding to the irony, the Left, until now, has attacked Trump for being too pro-Russia and too isolationist (i.e., for not saber rattling). But now that Trump has attacked Russia's ally, Syria, the Left will attack Trump for being pro-war (i.e., for the opposite).

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Trump's "America First" Means Israel First

Despite all the defamatory accusations of President Donald Trump being "anti-Semitic," his "America First" foreign policy is as fervently Israel First! as that of any other U.S. president.

Reporting for the Los Angeles Times [March 16, 2017], Tracy Wilkinson writes:
Israel would be the only country to escape the Trump administration's proposed deep cuts in foreign aid, the State Department said Thursday.

The budget plan from the White House calls for slashing the State Department's $50 billion budget by about 28%, cuts that would mostly target climate change, democracy promotion and health programs, and numerous foreign aid projects....

Mark Toner, a State Department spokesman, said U.S. aid to Israel, which totaled about $3.1 billion this year, would not be touched under the Trump plan. Israel gets more U.S. aid than any other nation.

Aid to every other country will come under review, he said.

As per usual, Israel is "singled out" for favorable treatment. (This is why opponents of foreign aid "single out" Israel -- in response to its special status.)

And it's not because Israel is an "ally," or because it's a "democracy," or because it's a poor nation, or because it's security situation is especially precarious. On the contrary....

* Israel is a false friend. It has spied on us, endangered our security, and murdered our sailors.

* An apartheid state for non-Jews -- for Muslims and Christians alike.

* An extremely wealthy nation.

* And has one of the top five most powerful militaries in the world.

Israel neither needs nor deserves American foreign aid. It takes it, because it has a powerful lobby that knows how to shake down our politicians.

Read Wilkinson's full report.


Monday, March 06, 2017

Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County Is Too Anti-Gun

The Libertarian Party of Los Angeles County website is too anti-gun, according to LP member Robert H. Biggadike, who sent the following email to LP members:

On the LPLAC website, it says, "Libertarians are anti-war, we believe that neither peace nor freedom nor democracy can be truly promoted with a gun."
What a line of left wing clap trap. I have been a Libertarian for about 35 years and I do believe (contrary to the LPLAC statement) that peace, freedom, and democracy can be truly promoted with a gun. Homeowners who in accordance with the Second Amendment exercise their right to own a gun can deter robbery and violence against their property and person. Policemen with guns do truly promote peace, freedom, and democracy.
I think the clown who put the above statement on THE LPLAC website doesn't know what he is talking about.

Robert H. Biggadike