Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"Libertarian" Fascists

Here's a choice quote from self-professed Mainstream Libertarian Eric Dondero, sent to me by a fellow peacenik:

"Eric Dondero Rittberg wrote:

'I don't think being against the War in Iraq and the War on Islamo-Fascism makes one anti-defense. Rather, it's more correct to say that those who oppose the War in Iraq are outright Traitors and Seditionists who are actively aiding and abbetting Al Qaeda. Decades ago, such Seditionists would have been shot for Treason. But now that we live in Girlie-Man Nation, where we've all been feminized, and taught that Patriotism is a 'bad thing', nothing happens to these Traitors.' "

These are the types who populate the Libertarian Reform Caucus and/or Mainstream Libertarians. They call themselves "big tent libertarians," or "pro-defense libertarians," or "mainstream libertarians." They plead for tolerance from antiwar libertarians. Until the day they gain a majority in the LP -- then watch out!

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Unknown said...

Dondero sounds coo coo for coco puffs and philosophically inconsistent and missing the point Libertarianism and (not that I am any authority)of applying a principle to changing events, rather than changing principles to accommodate events.

I see no good reason to ever give undisputed power to the Fed to make all the decisions in our defense against radical Islam or anyone else.

I am personally a little aghast that we start a war in Iraq as a means of drawing Al Qaeda to Iraq!

I'd be one pissed off Iraqi if some country invaded my territory, told me how to live and then said they aren't fighting me, but someone else, and to give them some elbow room. Maybe the reason they won't fight (the Iraqis that is) is it doesn't seem like their fight?

Maybe John Stuart of all people was right. "How would we feel if the French fought our War for Independence?"

As someone with Libertarian leanings, I believe that Liberty is something everyone has a right to fight for, not just Americans, but Iraqis too. It seems against our values to pick a fight in someone else's house as not to invite that fight into our own house. That may be a brilliant tactical strategy, but it also may just be an immoral one.