Sunday, September 16, 2007

Libertarian Party of California Endorses October 27 Peace Protests

Lawrence K. Samuels sends me the following report:

"On September 15, 2007, convening at the Clarion Hotel in Millbrae, California, the LPC Executive Committee passed the following Peace Resolution:

'BE IT RESOLVED: In an effort to become more publicly involved in the movement to end the war in Iraq, the Libertarian Party of California lends its official support and cooperation to facilitate the statewide peace protest scheduled for Oct. 27, 2007.'

However, the ExCom does not want the LPC to be a coalition member of ANSWER, which is spearheading the nationwide rallies.

I suggested that LP members participate in local peace rallies across the state. Several antiwar articles are available for printing and distribution at and the LPC Peace Caucus website:"

Thus ends Samuels's report.

This new LPC resolution should help end the claim that Libertarians are divided on the war. Pro-war Libertarians are a small minority. Furthermore, pro-war is not a libertarian position.

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