Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is it Biden ... or Hillary?

The news media is reporting that Obama will pick Biden.

I hope so. I hope it will be anyone but Hillary Clinton. But I'm a pessimist. I can't believe Obama would play it so close to the vest, only to have Biden's name leaked. I suspect that in a few hours he'll announce that his VP pick is the Hildebeast.

1. Imagine the huge news story if everyone is reporting it'll be Biden, then it turns out to be Hillary. The pundits will spend the entire weekend asking "How did the media get it wrong?"

2. Imagine the thrill (and poll numbers boost) among the Hildebeast's psycho-fans. First the letdown that it won't be Hillary ... then the elation that it is.

3. Obama will come off as "clever, shrewd, smart." Real "presidential timber" for fooling the media.

4. Plus, the news media is complicit, willing to be "fooled." The news media does not care about accuracy, but about "breaking" "shocking" news stories. Announcing Biden as VP is a ratings bump. Announcing that they got it wrong, and that it's Hillary, are two ratings bumps. Why wait to get it right (and get only one ratings bump), when you can get it wrong, then get it right (and hence, get two ratings bumps).

I hope it's not Hillary. I'd prefer anyone over Hillary. Obama, McCain, Biden, even Bush or Cheney.

Of all the Republicans and Democrats running this year, my top choice was Ron Paul. My second choice was "any of the others who are not Hillary." Gravel or Kucinich were better than Giuliani, but at least none of them were Hillary.

Anyway, we'll see in a few hours if I can breathe a sigh of relief, or if it turns out that Obama "fooled" the news media (with their complicity) and it turns out to be Hillary.


UPDATE: It seems I was wrong (thank God!). Obama chose Biden. I can live with a President Obama, so long as the VP is not Hillary.

I hope I was wrong. There's still the chance of a Hillary coup at the Democratic convention. You see, Hillary is a vampire. Even after you ram the stake in its heart, the Hildebeast can still arise. Much like Christopher Lee kept returning in all those Dracula Hammer film sequels.

Oh no, I'm by no means 100% certain that Hillary won't be president in 2009. Did I mention that I was a pessimist?

Not that I have high hopes for Obama, or McCain, but at least neither is the Hildebeast.


paulie said...

I've been slammed here for even discussing any scenarios that involve untimely death, but it has been an unpleasant reality in politics. It may indeed still be Hillary. But not for much longer.

If that bullet is averted, it increases the odds that dubai-ya will find a way to not relinquish the office. Some sort of disaster might provide an excuse.

Thomas M. Sipos said...

I've never believed that Clinton, or Bush, or any president will ever suspend elections to hold onto office. Why should they?

To a large extent, the president is a figurehead, answering to "the powers that be."

And that's not a euphemism for any particular group or people. I really don't know all the details of who controls the government behind the scenes, but it would include corporations, big media, labor unions, the military idustrial complex, etc.

Anyway, "they" control the government regardless of who the presidential figurehead is, so why rock the boat by suspending elections? That'd "wake up" the people, causing them to pay attention. And who wants that?

I don't think the "powers that be" care all that much whether it's McCain or Obama. Suspended elections and assassinations are "bad for business," so as long as the figurehead plays ball (and both McCain and Obama will), no one will rock the boat.

BTW, I've three old books by Gary Allen which claim, respectively, that the 1972, then the 1976, then the 1980 elections will be the last free elections. And all through the Clinton years, then all through the Bush years, people claimed "this will be the last free election, the most important election of our lifetime."

But it never is. It's always just another election.

Now, if it had looked like Ron Paul might win the election, then some "powers that be" might have intervened to prevent Paul from assuming office.