Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sarah Palin to Take Votes From Bob Barr

I believe Sarah Palin will be Bob Barr's undoing.

In the past, the Libertarian Party ran purist libertarians. But the Barr/Root ticket is designed to appeal to conservatives. That was the Reform faction's Big Plan this year. Conservatives were dissatisfied with McCain, so nominate a sort of conservative ticket that will "get votes" from the GOP.

However, every November, most voters "go home" to the major party of their choice. And now, Sarah Palin provides a big incentive to conservatives to go home. Conservatives love Palin.

Palin will cost Barr/Root votes. Big time. Even as Barr/Root lose radical libertarian votes.

It will be interesting to see just how badly Palin hurts Barr/Root come November, but the pain will be significant.

Come 2012, I hope the LP nominates some real libertarians. No more Barr or Root.


Eric Dondero said...

Boy, this is a real brillant analysis. Who would have ever guessed that Sarah Palin, Libertarian Republican would take votes away from Republican Libertarian Bob Barr? What a great blog you have here. The punditry is cutting edge, stuff we'd never see nor hear anywheres else.

May I "pinch" this insight, that Palin will steal votes from Barr?

Thomas M. Sipos said...

You're an odd duck, Dondero.

You praise Giuliani as a "libertarian" because of his pro-gay, pro-choice views.

You also praise Palin as a "libertarian" despite her anti-gay, anti-choice views.

Just how do you define "libertarian"? Pro-war? Is that all that's required?