Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Massachusetts LP Chides LNC for Angela Keaton Witch Hunt

Libertarians around the country remain upset by the LNC's witch hunt against Angela Keaton.

The following was sent out by George Phillies, Treasurer of the Massachusetts LP:

"The Massachusetts LP State Committee, having read in detail of events at the December LNC meeting, has passed a resolution responding to the LNC actions. The resolution was drafted by a committee of the whole, and passed without objection.

"The resolution as passed reads:

'Whereas, the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts and five other state affiliates of the national Libertarian Party urged the Libertarian National Committee -- in the words of the Libertarian Party of Nevada -- to drop its vendetta against Angela Keaton and -- in the words of the Libertarian Party of Tennessee -- turn its attention to proper and necessary Libertarian Party business such as membership growth, finances, campaigns, advancing public policy in a libertarian direction, and increasing awareness of Libertarianism, and,

'Whereas furthermore, the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire categorically and unambiguously informed the Libertarian National Committee that the charge against Keaton related to New Hampshire was totally false and devoid of merit, and

'Whereas furthermore, the Libertarian National Committee took no notice in its meeting of these recommendations, and

'Whereas furthermore, the actions of the Libertarian National Committee drove National Committee At-Large member Angela Keaton to resign from the Committee, and

'Whereas furthermore, the Libertarian National Committee passed a new budget providing nothing for Affiliate Support, Ballot Access, Brand Development, Campus Outreach, or Lobbying, and next to nothing for Candidate Support, therefore

'Mindful of its historical leadership role within the libertarian movement, a role readily traced back to the battles of Concord and Lexington and the abolitionist movement, not to mention Massachusetts's record as the first state to abolish slavery, legalize gay marriage, and its recent success in decriminalizing marijuana possession, the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts therefore resolves:

'First, we counsel the Libertarian National Committee that, for the good of the Party, the Libertarian National Committee should ensure in appointing Keaton's replacement that the replacement is as anti-war and as socially liberal as Ms. Keaton, so that the balance on the National Committee between the party's various factions and interests is not altered and continues to reflect the mixture of votes cast at the most recent National Convention, and

'Second, we urge supporters of the libertarian political movement to respond to the Libertarian National Committee's actions by redirecting your future donations away from the Libertarian National Committee. Donate instead to libertarian groups that do real politics and political education, such as your state Libertarian Party, and national groups such as Freedom Ballot Access and the Advocates for Self-Government.' "

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