Friday, August 28, 2009

Bogus Afghan Elections

The below is written by Kevin Zeese, Executive Director of Voters for Peace, and reprinted by his permission:

Many view the August 20, 2009 election in Afghanistan as a fraud. The candidates are all approved by the U.S. There are no political parties. The Taliban cannot run candidates. The vote takes place under U.S. bayonets.

There have been reports of the presidential election sparking violence, corruption, vote buying, and alliances between Karzai and warlords.

One Member of Parliament, a woman who is the youngest Member, wrote that Afghans have "no hope" in this election. A fake election will not bring peace and stability.

President Obama has fully embraced the Afghan War, and done so when generals and DoD officials are acknowledging the U.S. is losing, deaths are mounting, and it's going to be a very long haul -- measured in years not in months. One general is saying four decades.

Those who oppose this war must organize. We need more people informed about the facts. More people involved in ending the war.

Please urge people to take action. Take action yourself. Urge President Obama to end the Afghan War. The U.S. cannot succeed in the graveyard of Empires and cannot afford to continue this war.

The Pentagon is spending nearly $5 billion per month in Iraq and Afghanistan, a pace that would bring yearly costs to almost $60 billion.

Military fatalities are consistently rising. Civilian deaths are rapidly rising due to drones and air attacks. These deaths are undermining support for the U.S.

Military leaders in both the U.S. and Britain are saying troops will be needed for years in Afghanistan. State Dept. officials are describing a lengthy occupation lasting many years. The U.S. is showing its intention by building huge bases in Afghanistan. There are calls for a vast increase in troops.

The U.S. is repeating mistakes of the Iraq War with very high civilian deaths and abusive prison camps. Afghan insurgents are winning and holding land. They are a very difficult enemy for U.S. troops. The Taliban is stronger than any time since the war began.

Afghanis are increasingly angry with the U.S. presence. In some cases, overcoming Afghan resistance seems insurmountable and the U.S. is considering pulling troops from some regions.

It seems as if the U.S. can neither define victory, nor measure success, nor does it have a clear objective in the Afghan War.

The Afghan War is increasingly unpopular at home, with only 41% supporting the war. Throughout the world, opposition to the war is increasing. Even soldiers see the war as futile.

The Obama administration is at a critical crossroads regarding Afghan policy. Please write the president and urge him to end the Afghan War. And urge everyone you know to do so.

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