Saturday, September 26, 2009

Libertarian Nightingale Defects to Constitution Party?

Here's a news tidbit I recently discovered.

Art Olivier is a bigwig in the Libertarian Party. He was the LP's Vice Presidential candidate in 2000. He was also the LP's candidate for governor of California in 2006.

Well, turns out that his campaign manager, Chelene Nightingale, will be running for governor of California in 2010 -- on the American Independent Party. The Constitution Party also endorses Nightingale's candidacy. (The AIP was the CP's California affiliate, and some AIP members are trying to restore the affiliation.)

As Nightingale says on her campaign website: "Back in 2006, [Nightingale] was the campaign manager for California gubernatorial candidate Art Olivier. Two years later, she would meet with presidential candidate Ron Paul and officially endorse his campaign."

Is this true? Was Nightingale an active Libertarian who defected to the AIP? I've never heard of her, so I wonder just how active she was.


terry freeman said...

I don't know how active she was, being that I am a newcomer to California. I certainly heard of Art Olivier, who gained national attention in the LP. I googled Chelene Nightingale, and it seems that anti-immigration is her strongest claim to fame, which would make her a natural ally of the Constitutional Party.

Anonymous said...

Chelene Nightingale belongs to the Constitution party of which California does not have a BALLOT qualified party. It would take 86,000 signatures to make the Constitution Party a viable party in CA. The CP used to be affliated with the AIP they are NO longer. Markham Robinson is the AIP chairman. She is probably embarassed she chose this party not knowing they are not ballot qualified in CA. She did not do her homework. As a side note This Don Grundmann who claims to be a vice chair of AIP is a whacko. Check out his Youtube video's. Anything he says about being the REAL AIP vp is total fantasy.

Anonymous said...

footnote to above:
Nightingale for Gov.
Lussenheide for congress ca-45
Grundmann for senate.....have to keep up the charade that Constitution Party is with the AIP because....THE AIP is ballot qualified....their names won't be on the ballot using "Constitution Party" because that party is not CA validated as a party. See the deception?
Hope this clears up some things.

Anonymous said...

Just in: CHELENE NIGHTINGALE DOES NOT QUALIFY TO RUN AS CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR CA 2010 UNDER THE AIP...(American Independent Party) as she was not a registered member of that party for one year prior. She was a registered republican for 2009 year. She can run as a write in I suppose....better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

add to above...this is per Vice Chairman of the AIP Mark Seidenberg....

Anonymous said...

Markham Robinson chairman of the AIP American Indpendent party WILL Be running for California Governor 2010!!!! Best of luck to Mr. Robinson

Anonymous said...

I have read about a scheme that the NIGHTINGALE for governor are trying to use on VOTERS. Telling voters to "register to vote AIP" to vote in primary then..telling them they can change back to their OWN PARTY..afterward!!! WHAT KIND OF Deceitful garbage is that WOMAN and her campaign trying to do!! THIS IS THE TRASH...people that CALIFORNIANS DO NOT NEED.

Anonymous said...

oh my thats clearly Voter fraud....they are clearly trying to implement voter fraud with the registration process....dear dear what website did you read this on??

terry freeman said...

In Massacusetts, 51% of voters choose not to designate themselves as belonging to any party. Why should it matter? It's not as if the party labels mean anything. Who can tell the difference between a typical "Democrat" or "Republican", without checking the label?

Anonymous said...

In Calif. the aip voted to have only registered aip members vote in the primary. Website for the chelene nighingale for gov campaign were telling how to change their registration and ALSO how to change back their registration to their own party and then VOTE for whomever in the regular election. Under CA election law this is a violation of election law to willfully promote such action.

Anonymous said...

the conservatives battle against moderate republicans
The Chelene Nightingale for Governor campaign..has tried to UNDULY Influence Voters to change parties For their candidate with a "how to...step by step website, which also tells them that after the primary they can change their voter registration back to any party and vote again.

"CORRUPTLY INFLUENCING VOTERS" = 1ST degree felony CODE 104.061 election law. Fine and 5 years in prison.

Harsh penalties aimed at deterring electoral fraud make it likely that individuals who perpetrate fraud do so with the EXPECTATION That it either will not be discovered, or will be excused.

These acts are considerd to be morally unacceptable outside the spirit of electoral laws or in violation of the principles of democracy.

Cynthia Stafford of CA
Jan 28, 2010 15:18:42 PM [permalink] [report comment]

the conservatives battle against moderate repbulicans
GREAT news about Markham Robinson running for Governor..Guess that leaves Chelene Nightingale candidate for Governor a bit perplexed. She was trying for the AIP nomination but using much deceit in her campaign. She is with Constitution Party..of which California does not have a ballot qualified party.

Better to play by the rules...SHE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO Hijack the AIP for her own use!!
Sharon Ross of CA
Jan 15, 2010 18:38:26 PM [permalink] [report comment]

the conservative battle gainst moderate republicans
CHAIRMAN OF THE AIP (American Independent Party) will be RUNNING for Governor of California 2010!!! the website for aip is wish Mr. Robinson much success!!!
Elliot frankes of CA
Jan 15, 2010 18:31:14 PM [permalink] [report comment]

Anonymous said...

New News, after being red flagged for campaign violations, fired from 'Save Our State', endorsed by dead person, endorsed by Rand Paul (oops, just a guy on a Paul fan site!), spouse self described as 'Hustler' and or 'Huckster', CONVICTED of fraud, Nightmare Nightingale aka Chelene Ward Nightingale is not on the November 2nd California American Independent Party General Election ballot. Good riddance to bad rubbish! or 619.420.0209

Anonymous said...


The national Constitution Party is an old style, fuddy duddy, corrupt, insular (so called) conservative movement. As the Constitution Party, it does not seem to be that interested in the various constitutions. As the U. S. Tax Payer Party it did not seem to be overly concerned about tax payers. And their ‘veterans advocacy’ ----------- pure bunk!

Any way, the Constitutional Party is imploding. It's P2008 candidate is pulling out of a 35 year run as a church leader in FLorida and moving to Montana. State after state is unhappy with 'national' ………

In CAlifornia, the American Independent Party defected in 2008. A hold over got the most votes in the June 2010 primary for governor.

She was ‘red flagged’ by elections officials. She is soooooooooooo horrible and unethical that the AIP leadership begged state officials to list her as a true, no named, independent in November, 2010.

Hur ray, after bilking patriots, and losing corruption cases in court, Chelene Ward Nightingale is holding a garage sale, posting the house up for purchase, and moving far away from the west coast even as she is on the Ballot, unfortunately as AIP! [In 2009 she pledged to the CP]

All patriots concerned with ethics and responsibility need to spread the word about the Wicked Witch of the West! Nightmare Nightingale is currently posting one percent and folks whom have gotten to know her want to run the November 2nd total down to 1/3 of one percent. and 619.420.0209 [………..any time]