Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wayne Allyn Root Uses Libertarian Party for Neocon Stardom

Since 2007, when I first saw him speak at the 2007 Libertarian Party of California state convention, I've said that Wayne Allyn Root is using the LP to promote himself, seeking a new career as a paid political pundit, with all the usual lucrative book deals, and radio & TV gigs.

Why would Root seek a new career? Perhaps because his sports betting business was already tanking in 2007, though I didn't learn about that until later.

Why would Root use the LP to attain the goal of media star/political pundit?

My logic: The world is full of Rush Limbaugh wannabes. An aspiring, right-wing media pundit, one with no serious political creds, must separate himself from the herd.

Winning the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination is one way to rise above the pack.

Plus, the libertarian pond is much smaller than the conservative ocean. It's easier to look like a Big Fish in the LP than in the GOP. Less competition when Fox News needs an "official libertarian spokesperson."

Root only won the LP's VP nomination, but his plan worked. Despite Root's ignorance of both libertarian philosophy and internal party issues, the VP nomination brought Root instant "political spokesperson" creds. Which he immediately began leveraging to pump up his own personal stardom.

Root's supporters derided my analysis of Root's motives and intentions.

Robert Capozzi called me a "mind reader" for presuming to know Root's motives and intentions.

No, not mind reading. One may logically assess a person's motives and intentions based on that person's circumstances, statements, and actions. We all assess other people's motives and intentions, every day.

IPR's "Libertarian Girl" said my analysis was ridiculous, because if Root wanted to use a political party for personal fame, he'd join the GOP rather than the LP.

No, not really. Had Root sought power within, or through, the GOP in 2007, he'd have been a small fish among Big Boys. The GOP wouldn't have nominated Root for vice president. And Root's ego can't abide toiling in the shadows of GOP power brokers, hoping for a chance to maybe run for state assembly in 10 years.

But now I am vindicated. On January 31, 2011, Root sent an email to S. Rowan Wilson, which Wilson released to the public. (Root's email was in relation to yet another Root fiasco, specifically, the Nevada state LP's power grab, disaffiliating its county parties.)

In his email, Root reveals his personal goals. Here's the relevant excerpt (the ellipses are in the original), in which Root writes to Wilson:

"And I'm not interested in local issues- I’m 100% a national guy.

"So only when I’m 70 years old and retired will I be interested in running for Congress or U.S. Senate. At that point it might be fun to move to D.C. and add a new chapter to my life.

"In the meantime my goal is to become very famous as a TV and radio host over the next 6 years...and run for President in 2016 with the name recognition of Rush or Hannity or Glenn Beck or Michael Savage.

"And get Ross Perot-like vote totals...and then become a true national celebrity known and respected by all.

"Then spend 4 more years as the Libertarian-conservative Rush or Beck on radio and TV...

"then actually have a legitimate shot to win the Presidency in 2020...

"And if that doesn't that point as a household name (like Ross Perot, Al Franken, or Jesse Ventura) become Nevada's U.S. Senator.

"But the only way to 'settle' on U.S. Senate and actually to become Nevada's most famous citizen as talk show host...TV celebrity...and serious Presidential candidate."

You can read the full Root/Rowan email exchange on Independent Political Report.

Are Root's motives relevant to anything?

Yes. If Root seeks a personal success that requires the approval of Fox News and the right-wing punditocracy, then Root will craft his Message to appeal to those who can give him that success -- the pro-war Establishment.

Root will also avoid sensitive, controversial issues (e.g., aid to Israel, open borders, drug legalization, gay marriage), or even take an anti-libertarian position on those issues, should it offend his Fox News customer base.

Which makes Root a damaging spokesperson for the LP.

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