Sunday, January 01, 2012

Wayne Allyn Root vs. Glenn Greenwald

Wayne Allyn Root often brags this his articles are widely distributed. Yet it's always the same brainless boilerplate: "I'm so great, Obama is Satan, I'm so famous, I never saw Obama at Columbia, etc."

But how widely read an article is does not benefit Truth or Liberty if that article is a mindless rant.

Today I read a brilliant piece from Glenn Greenwald (a progressive), contrasting the respective moral merits of Ron Paul vs. Barak Obama. Greenwald's article is nuanced, intelligent, informed, and thoughtful, emphasizing understanding and insight over sledgehammer partisanship. It's the exact opposite of Root's moronic screeds.

Reading Glennwald's article about Ron Paul, one can only feel shame and grief that the LP is represented by the idiot scribblings of Root.

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