Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tea-O-Conned Exposes Neocon Infiltration of the Tea Party Movement

I've previously written about how the Tea Party was initially heavily antiwar and libertarian, only to be infiltrated by Neocons.

Los Angeles libertarian activist Jason Gonella reported on how the GOP hijacked the Tea Party in Lancaster, California.

Monterey libertarian Lawrence K. Samuels reported on the Neocon's purging of antiwar libertarians from his local Tea Party.

Those were brief observations and on-the-ground reports. But there's also a book on the subject. It came out in 2010, but I only recently discovered Jake Shannon's Tea-O-Conned: The Hijacking of Liberty in America. Exposing the Neoconservative Infiltration and Takeover of the 21st Century Tea Party Movement.

That's a mouthful of a title. The book hasn't received much publicity, perhaps partially because it's self-published. But neither can you expect the Neocon media to promote antiwar Tea Partiers. The latter challenge the approved narrative of pro-war rightists vs. antiwar leftists.

I haven't yet read Shannon's book, but its topic is both under-reported and critical. His book seems worth a look.

Infiltration and sabotage is normal behavior for the pro-war crowd, as demonstrated by Aaron Biterman's admitted sabotage of the Ron Paul campaign on Facebook.

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