Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Marianne Williamson, Democrat for Congress

Marianne Williamson is an "Independent" running for Congress in California's 33rd district.

She doesn't hide that she is a "progressive." She is proud of it.

Now, there are good things about progressives, but also much bad, at least from a libertarian perspective. But curiously, I get a sense that many libertarians feel good about Williamson's candidacy.

I specifically choose the word "feel," as opposed to something more cerebral. It's as if some libertarians want to believe in Williamson, much like others want to believe in UFOs.

Williamson does have some appealing factors: 1. She's running as an Independent; 2. She's a political outsider; 3. She's an attractive and charismatic woman.

That last factor, however shallow, is also a biggie. When presented with a politically blank slate (i.e., an independent outsider with no electoral history) -- but a slate that's attractive and charismatic -- then voters are inclined to project their political hopes and fantasies onto that slate.

But Williamson is far more of a Democrat than some libertarians may wish to acknowledge. We know this because Williamson says so.

I received a mailing from "Independent" Marianne Williamson wherein she says:

"I am also a lifelong Democrat, though I'm running for Congress as an Independent. Why? I can assure you it is not because I wish to make war on the Democratic Party. On the contrary, I do so in the hopes of contributing to the restoration of the principles that I've always thought -- and which many of us still believe -- are the party's backbone."

The mailer also says "Join Democrats You Trust in Supporting Marianne Williamson for Congress" and lists some of those people:

* Former Governor Jennifer Granholm.

* Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

* Congressman Keith Ellison.

* "Co-Chair, Obama 2012" Eva Longoria (yes, the actress).

For now, I am undecided as to who I'll vote for in the 33rd C.D. I'm not aware of any Libertarian Party member who has a chance, so, yes, I'll consider voting for a lesser evil. And while Kucinich's endorsement is a positive for Williamson, Ted Lieu's support of SB 980 is a positive in his favor.


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Anonymous said...

Marianne does in fact have plenty of political background as a political activist, and she does share a lot of the values with Libertarians, there is tremendous crossover when it comes to civil liberties and she does not believe that the Bill of Rights is up for debate! As an independent she will not be beholden to the corporate interests which control the duopoly which controls our body politic. She is a far better bet for any true Libertarian than the establishment Dems guy Ted, and she has a far better chance than the Libertarian in the race.