Friday, February 02, 2018

Libertarian Party Rejects Ron Paul

The Libertarian Party has rejected both Ron Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano as speakers for the upcoming LP convention in July.

Danny Wolf reports in The Columbian Post (Feb 2, 2018):

[T]he Libertarian Party has chosen to reject an opportunity to have both Ron Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano speak at the Libertarian National Convention in July. ...

After securing both speakers at his own expense, Heise [leader of the LP Mises Caucus], and the voters who the "Libertarian" Party pretends to represent, were surprised to find out that the LP convention committee chair, Daniel Hayes, rejected both Paul and Napolitano.

Hayes cited an article dated December 4, 2017, as his reasoning. In the article, Paul bluntly criticizes the Libertarian Party for its failings ...

Read Wolf's full article here.


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CarolMooreReport said...

Unfortunately that whole story was part of LP infighting. Heise contacted Paul's agent who wanted #30,000. LP didn't know if they were even allowed to pay that much and didn't want to. Heise said he'd raise the money and didn't. Then things got nasty between a Heise and a Convention organizer.

Paul was invited to speak if he wanted to - for free (maybe travel expenses) but didn't accept. I never heard story on Napolitano; might have been similar.