Thursday, May 17, 2007

Libertarian Party's 2008 ticket should be Ron Paul - Karen Kwiatkowski

So far I've been pushing for Karen Kwiatkowski to run for president on the LP ticket, based largely on her gravitas and background, plus her non-interventionist stand.

However, Ron Paul is doing better than I'd expected in the GOP debates, garnering much attention. Yes, he's coming in for much flak because of it, but many Americans are taking favorably note. I don't think Paul will get the GOP nomination, but that's no reason the Libertarian Party can't nominate him.

Right now Ron Paul exceeds Karen Kwiatkowski in terms of experience (being a Congressman as opposed to Pentagon Lt. Col.) and in public fame, plus he shares Kwiatkowski's non-interventionist (pro-peace) stand.

Considering that Paul ran on the LP ticket for president in 2008, and that as of this writing Kwiatkowski still wants to run as the LP's VP pick, I think that a Paul/Kwiatkowski ticket looks mighty fine for 2008.

(And BTW, it's my understanding that under Texas law, Paul can run for both his current Congressional seat and for president, simultaneously).

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Unknown said...

Written early afternoon March 3 (TX, OH, VT, RI day):
If inexperienced Obama gets the Democratic nod, I'm voting for Ron Paul if the Libertarians name him for President (rather than some light colonel I'm not interested in, so won't vote for). No glib Obama , no what's her name Libertarian and no McCain who is sounding too much like America's worst President ever, his friend G W Bush.
If it's Obama / McCain / Paul, i will reregister from Democrat to Libertarian. If it's Clinton, I will vote for her reluctantly to keep the Republicans out and not change my registration. There is a large number of (generally middle aged and senior White and Hispanic male) prospects like me for you, if Barack Hussein Obama gets the Democratic nomination.