Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pro-War Libertarians' Unfair "Compromise" of Silence

For years, pro-war types in the Libertarian Party have been saying that "because there is disagreement" over the Iraq War, we should therefore avoid discussing the issue. This is presented as some sort of pragmatic, fair-minded compromise.

The fault in this "logic" is that we are currently at war; war is the status quo, and silence always benefits the status quo. What's more, if we don't protest the Iraq War and a foreign interventionist policy in general, we're far more likely to have yet another war in Iran (which would suit many pro-war types just fine).

The War Party has what it wants. Why should they want to discuss the issue? Discussion brings change. Avoid the issue, remain silent on the issue, and the War Party wins.

Why should peaceniks accept rules of "compromise" that are calculated to benefit one side and not the other? We shouldn't. We should discuss the war in all Libertarian Party publications and at all Libertarian events. After we end the war, then we'll agree that everyone must stop supporting all future foreign interventions. Then we'll seen how keen the War Party is on silence.


Eric Dondero said...

Aha. But where you make your mistake is in assuming that those who oppose the War on Islamo-Fascism are indeed "libertarians." They are clearly not.

One cannot be aligned with Islamo-Fascists who want to kill or convert Americans to Sharia Law, and still call onself a "libertarian." It's philosophically inconsistent. Kind of like "Authoritarian libertarian."

Just doesn't work.

No, those who are anti-War who call themselves "libertarians" are just usurpers in the libertarian movement. They are closeted Leftist America haters who've infiltrated us libertarians, cause they know their America-hating leftism doesn't sell, as well under the Liberal Michael Moore/Cindy Sheehan banner.

But alas, they will all soon be exposed.

Ayn R. Key said...

It would be nice if neoconservatives like Dondero were able to tell the difference between hating the empire and hating the country, but alas that is not to be. The United States is not meant to be an Empire.

Instead neoconservatives like Dondero openly embrace domestic fascism, call it libertarianism, and consider it the price we need to be free to choose which chains we want to wear.

The way to combat terrorism is simple - go after the terrorists, not invade neutral 3rd parties.

I hope you are exposed before it is too late or the sequel to "They Thought They Were Free" will contain a chapter about you.