Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christine Smith, the Hollow Newcomer Who Wants to Lead

Several months ago, Libertarian presidential candidate Christine Smith's website was mostly vague, feel-good fluff. More recently, she's created some buzz in the blogospshere by posting some radical, purist stuff.

Only, Smith’s words ring hollow to me. I don’t believe she means anything she says, so I won’t comment on their content.

Why don’t I believe her? Because, as far as I know, she’s a newcomer to libertarian activism. If she’s sincere, where was she all these years?

Smith should shut up, and listen, and learn.

Even were I to agree with Smith (not saying I do or don’t), she’s hasn’t earned the right to lead any charges. She’s earned no LP stripes, and unlike Ron Paul or Karen Kwiatkowski, Smith also lacks any great accomplishments outside the party.

I don’t believe Smith is sincere in her newfound passion for libertarian purism. Sorry, I ain’t buying her, regardless of what she’s selling.

Coincidentally, I hear that pro-war "Libertarian" Wayne Allyn Root has begun to soften his war message. Like Smith, Root is "evolving" as he campaigns. Like Smith, Root is a newcomer (author of Millionaire Republican). And as with Smith, I don't trust Root.

Nothing wrong with "evolving." But if you're a newcomer, and you're still figuring out what you stand for, you're not ready to run on top of our ticket. Humility and sincerity should compel you to step aside -- without having to be asked -- and support someone more experienced and grounded in his or her beliefs.

But then, neither Smith nor Root strike me as humble types. They're campaigning for their own egos, not for liberty

At least Steve Kubby and George Phillies have proven their libertarian stripes over the years. Neither are exactly impressive figures, but I'd prefer either as LP presidential candidates.

(Smith's newfound purist boilerplate beats Root's neocon-tainted rhetoric, but I doubt Smith's sincerity.)

Of course, I'm still hoping that Ron Paul or Karen Kwiatkowski, or someone of comparable gravitas, integrity, and credibility enters the LP race before the 2008 Denver convention.

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John Doe said...

I completely agree. I wondered why I had never heard of her -- I admit I didn't realize she was new to the cause. Noobies shouldn't be candidates.

I notice that we both are blogging about the same concept, that being libertarianism, and would like to offer a link trade, like all good capitalist bloggers do. ;-p

I'll add a link to your site in my blogroll for a link to my site or my capitalism page ( -- Reason and Capitalism).

Let me know when you decide!