Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Libertarians for Peace" Chain Cheney

California Freedom's January 2008 issue features an article by Lawrence K. Samuels of Monterey Libertarians for Peace. I've reprinted his article and photos below:

" 'Impeach for Peace,' Say Monterey Libertarians"

by Lawrence K. Samuels

"Monterey Libertarians, Monterey CodePink, and student peace activists of every political stripe rallied at Monterey's Window-on-the-Bay on December 8th to demand the impeachment of the entire Bush administration.

"Organizers -- which included local Libertarian leaders -- dubbed the event an "Impeach for Peace" rally. Participants plastered the park with four-foot-high Impeach signs and pink Peace symbols. The rally culminated with a faux Vice President Dick Cheney, who was handcuffed and donned in prison uniform.

"Support from motorists was incredible; very different from just a few years ago. This author witnessed many drivers honking their horns, smiling and displaying thumbs up."

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