Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wayne Allyn Root's Bogus Image Change

The pro-war Root is trying to recast his image, and (like the empty skirt, Christine Smith) ride Paul’s coattails to the LP nomination.

“Hey, I’m not Paul, but I’m just as good. Really, honest Injun, I’m just like him. Pay no attention to my past, pro-war pronouncements.”

Yet even now, Root says that the Iraq War was "a mistake," rather than that it was morally wrong. Nor has he pulled back his past pronouncements calling for war on Iran.

Now that Paul is out, I’m still hoping that Karen Kwiatkowski will jump in. (Pretty slim chance, at this late point, but I can hope…)

If not Kwiatkowski, then I guess I’ll support Kubby or Phillies, most likely in that order. Either is okay with me.

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