Saturday, November 21, 2009

More War Means More Taxes

U.S. Senator Carl Levin (D - Mich) is proposing an additional tax on the rich to fund new troops in Afghanistan.

This is not entirely bad. Why? Because it would punish a lot of whiny, wealthy neocons and "liberventionists" who've been screaming for war.

It's an oddity that, among libertarians, the wealthier ones tend to support war, while povertarians oppose war. There are exceptions, but this is true as a general rule.

Some liberventionists have suggested that Iraq pay for its own "liberation" with oil money. But I'd rather impose crippling taxes on pro-war liberventionists.

The down side is, a "tax to fund the war" will not exclusively target warmongers. Still, it's nice to imagine neocons and liberventionists paying through the nose to fund their wars.

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