Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wayne Allyn Root's Crass Theology

David Zander, writing for Asian Media Access, writes a hilarious review of Wayne Allyn Root's book, Zen of Gambling.

Some choice excerpts from Mr. Zander's review:

"But [Root] is at the other end of a continuum from any true practitioner of Zen. Wayne loves Las Vegas, not the Zen masters, zazen or the Naropa Institute. He describes Las Vegas as 'the sexiest city on earth,' and unabashedly writes how God has been good to him -– he prayed for a wife, and she appeared 'a statuesque blonde goddess out of the pages of Playboy.'

" 'God is great!' concludes Root.

"Is he a self-deluded charlatan, or are we witnessing some merger going on here between Christianity and Materialism?

"...if you want to understand why much of the world hates America, start with Mr. Root. In some ways he is the epitome of an ugly American, an entrepreneurial A-type personality sun-bathing in his own self-declared brilliance and egoism, with very little awareness of how others might perceive him as a crass, culturally insensitive, masquerader muddling the waters of those on a spiritual quest.

"...[Root] is a disturbing product of his culture. It's a disturbing glimpse of someone who has built a life based on sports betting."

Read the entire review.

Also read how crass and amoral Root comes across in this New York Times Magazine profile.

And read about Root's buffoonish comments about Obama.

Root was the Libertarian Party's vice presidential nominee in 2008. He's a possible candidate for LP national chair in 2010, and a presidential candidate for 2012.

That Root is considered a player in the LP is only one of many indicators of how trashy and unworthy of support the LP has become.

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