Thursday, December 03, 2009

Angela Keaton Calls for Peace at "End the Fed Rally"

Angela Keaton of attacks war and empire at last October's "End the Fed" rally.

Angela Keaton was purged from the LNC last year, partially because of her vocal antiwar stance.

Of course, now that (1) Iraq and Afghanistan are "Obama's wars," and (2) an overwhelming vast majority of Americans oppose these wars (instead of only a vast majority), many of these liberventionist chicken hawks are trying to reposition themselves as antiwar.

Never forget, though, that when it mattered, Angela Keaton, Ron Paul, and Karen Kwiatkowski were among those who opposed war. And when it mattered, Wayne Allyn Root, Brian Holtz, and Bruce Cohen were among those who supported war.

LP delegates should remember who stood where, and when, when it comes time to choose future LP candidates and officers.


Thomas said...

Brian Holtz,

You can criticize and disagree all you want; but don't come here to plug your site. I don't go to your sites at all. Not even to comment.

When you post this, it is fine:

"Thomas, you're simply not competently disagreeing with me unless you can say: "The U.S. military should never be used to depose a genocidal totalitarian WMD-using ballistic-missile-firing neighbor-annexing terrorist-funding sadistic maniac who defiantly persists in what the Security Council declares to be 'material breach' of his agreement to be inspected for cessation of his earlier WMD programme."

When you post this, it is fine:

"The LPCA had in recent years been spending over $20K/yr in members' dues (including over $4K/yr for editing and as much as $8K/yr for graphical layout) to communicate once a month with the ~1300 CF recipients."

Limit your posts to criticism, not to self-promotion. Those are the rules that currently apply to you. Rules for others may differ.

Thomas said...

Oh yes, Brian. When you comment, there's an automatic link to your Google profile. That too is permitted.

But you're only permitted to criticize or attack me. Not to self-promote.

And not to whine or complain that you'd like to link your sites but that you can't.