Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jim Burns Praises Ron Paul

I received the below email from Jim Burns, who is running for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination, again:

The subject is Ron Paul. Here are 354 words from my friend Rick White and me:

Rick: Fox News reported on Monday, 12-13-2010 that it is likely that Ron Paul will seek the Republican nomination for President. What do you think, Jim?

Jim: This is good news for libertarianism. Mr. Paul is an articulate advocate for liberty and I hope he can receive at least the support he got last time, and I think with the Tea Party movement now available he can do even better.

In the long run this is good news for the Libertarian Party; the more people introduced to libertarianism the better. In the short run, it can be either good or bad news for the Libertarian Party. It all depends on what we of the LP do.

Rick: Should members of the LP support Mr. Paul?

Jim: Members of the LP should take what actions they deem proper. I believe, however, that we should not follow the actions of Bob Barr and Wayne Root. The only time I saw Mr. Barr and Mr. Root on TV was when they offered Mr. Paul the LP Vice-Presidential spot, not in person but on TV.

To me, this was inappropriate, an insult and disingenuous. For one thing, if Mr. Paul had wanted, he could have had the Presidential nomination if he had just showed up in Denver -– hell, all he had to do was to pick up the phone and call almost any LP member at the convention, at the time and the LP Presidential nomination would have been his.

For another thing, Mr. Paul called a meeting inviting third party candidates to attend (I believe, it was understood Mr. Paul would endorse some one); to their discredit, neither Mr. Barr nor Mr. Root attended. Mr. Paul did not endorse the LP ticket and I believe he was just in his choice.

If we take suitable actions, I believe we can help Mr. Paul at all levels and there are measures we can take even if Mr. Paul gets the Republican nomination. We need to think outside the box.

We can be a powerful force in American politics if we change our behavior and take bold appropriate actions.

-- Jim Burns

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