Thursday, February 10, 2011

Racist Drudge Report Headline?

Here's a screen capture of The Drudge Report, as it appeared on January 19, 2011. I'm only now posting it. (Yes, I am backlogged.)

What do you think?

Is this headline racist? Does it hint at an unspoken message, as in ... you "real Americans" (white Americans) have lost your country to coloreds and foreigners!

The headline says "White House, 2011." Yet the article has nothing to do with the White House. It's about Chinese leaders meeting with President Obama. Yes, I suppose the meeting was in the White House, but that's not relevant to anything. Why wasn't it called "Trade Talks" or whatever they discussed?

And why reference the year?

I'm white, have never been PC, have never voted Democrat. Yet even I see racist hints in this headline and photo.

It seems to be hinting that the White House (i.e., America), in this modern year of 2011, is no longer "white." This once-white nation no longer even shares power with white people. Look! No white people in the photo. Just coloreds. Not even American coloreds. (I suspect many of Drudge's readers think Obama was born in Kenya.)

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, I defended conservatives from charges of racism. I doubted most conservatives were racist. Besides, progressives had their own share of bigots (mainly anti-white, anti-Christian, or anti-male). Bigotry exists, to some extent, across the political spectrum.

Yet I regret to admit, over this past decade, conservatives (and even libertarians) have increasingly played the race card (especially against Muslims, Arabs, and Mexicans).

Or have I become overly sensitive? Do I see something in this Drudge Report headline that isn't there?

Do you see racist hints in this Drudge Report headline?


Anonymous said...

I vote overly sensitive. My impression that the headline refers to Obama cavorting with the enemy inside the white house.

Anonymous said...

You're nuts and are obviously looking for something to whine about. Forgeiners and minorites are not near the problem liberals are!

Anonymous said...

It is definitely racist. The Democrats always refer to those who disagree with them as NAZIs. But NAZI is an acronym referring to the National Socialist party, which is more akin to today's Democrat Party. Mr. Hussein's father was a Communist and he is friends with our enemies... But I am digressing. The Drudge screen shot accurately shows the Democrats as being racist.

Thomas M. Sipos said...

How is the screen show showing "the Democrats as being racist"?

Is it racist to host the Chinese leader?

Anonymous said...

You are an idiot with an overactive imagination.

Phoenix said...

The White House is Not America, so it doesn't really matter if it is racist or not.

Blacksmith said...

WIf it wasn't for white western europeans there would be no U.S.A. They founded the country, they set up the documents that other countries refer to, when trying to emulate our republic.No other non-caucasian countries have ever tried to form this type of government prior to the modern era. So if the descendants of the poulation of the original 13 colonies feel they have been disenfranchised its understandable. And yes I am a descendant of those "evil" whitemen, I'm also a card carrying member of The Eastern Band of Cherokee. If its racist maybe they have a right to feel that way!

Thomas M. Sipos said...

Who said white men were "evil"?

And why is it either/or? Why must one either take the "side" of whites or of people of color?

I'm a white man who doesn't see whites as evil, yet I'm also opposed to racism against people of color.

I'm a libertarian/conservative white man, yet I think this Drudge headline flirts with racism against coloreds.

If that doesn't fit into any of your preconceptions, so be it.

Gordon said...

whoever posted this drivel needs to get a real job....get over the fact that Obama appears to be black...those of us who hate his policies and what he is doing to our country don't see hem as black....simply evil and incompetent

Anonymous said...

You are a screw ball. Do you look under your bed for a KKK member. said...

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