Monday, December 05, 2011

Herman Cain -- and Wayne Allyn Root -- Cash-In by Running for National Office

Why did Herman Cain run for president, knowing he had so many skeletons in the closet? He must have known they'd be discovered.

Los Angeles shock jocks John and Ken (of KFI-AM 640) think it's because Cain never expected to become a serious contender. Cain only expected to get a little free publicity (as a minor “also ran”) so as to increase his fame -- and thus make more money as a speaker, author, and media pundit. Little did he know that he'd be taken seriously enough to invite scrutiny.

Although libertarian embarrassment Wayne Allyn Root may not have Cain's personal skeletons, I've long theorized that Root ran on the Libertarian Party for the same reason as Cain -- to boost Root's own personal fame, and thus cash-in as a speaker, author, and media pundit.

Listen to John and Ken discuss Cain's now defunct campaign (on Dec. 2, 2011), during which they explain their theory on Cain's motives. Decide for yourself John and Ken's analysis doesn't apply equally well to Wayne Allyn Root.

To listen to this John and Ken excerpt, click here.

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