Wednesday, June 29, 2011

California Libertarian Party Violates Fundamental Fairness

The U.S. Constitution imposes Fundamental Fairness and Proceduarl Due Process on the government's actions.

Due Process "requires notice and an opportunity to be heard" before adverse action is taken against you.

The State must give you Notice that a proceeding in which you have an interest is scheduled to be taken -- and a Hearing so you can present your case.

The Libertarian Party often slams government because, either from incompetence or duplicity, government fails to abide by Constitutional Due Process.

By contrast, the LP trumpets itself as the Party of Principle, implying that its behavior is morally superior to that of any government.


The various LPs (state and national) are as shifty or incompetent as any governmental bureaucracy out there.

LPC Northern Vice Chair C. Michael Pickens attended the Libertarian Party of California's Executive Committee meeting on June 18, 2011, in Ventura County, and reports:

"After lunch we were given a convention proposal presentation by the Ventura County Libertarian Party. The verbal presentation was accompanied by a full-color binder showcasing Ventura's accommodations, dining and entertainment, transportation...

"After the presentation Gale Morgan motioned to vote on having the 2012 California Libertarian party convention in Ventura. The motion was seconded.

"A few members expressed their concern that the vote was premature because there were other county parties that were going to submit bids for the 2012 convention.

"But because there was only nine months left until the convention the executive committee went ahead with the vote and it was decided that the 2012 convention is to be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ventura California."

In other words, competing county LPs were blindsided. No notice was given to them about a deadline for submitting convention bids, or that a decision on a convention site was on this meeting's agenda. These competing counties were denied Notice and a Hearing.

I know the LPC isn't bound by governmental standards of fairness and due process -- but that never stops the LP from claiming to meet even higher standards of fairness and transparency. Yet many LPs fail to meet even governmental standards. If Americans don't notice, it's only because the LPs are too unimportant for their misbehaviors to affect the real world.

If the LP can't walk the walk, why should American voters pay attention to the LP's talk?

Pickens continues his report:

"Because of the confusion about submitting bids and the approval process for future convention locations the executive committee voted to implement a process for the 2013 convention."

Did he say "confusion"? So in other words, the LPC wasn't duplicitous, but incompetent.

The LPC had forty years of existence in which to create a clear process for submitting convention bids and deadlines -- and it's failed to even meet that level of procedural competence? The DMV is more efficient.

And if the LPC Executive Committee admits they had no clear process, then why not begin the remedy with the 2012 convention? Give Fair Notice to all the county LPs to submit bids within 30 or 60 days of the June 18 meeting.

But no. The LPC instead admits confusion, and promises to fix it in the future. Just like any other governmental bureaucracy.

I don't know if Ventura County as a convention site was intentionally railroaded through (duplicity -- the LPC has a history of convention shenanigans and trickery), or if Ventura County was chosen by default due to the admitted "confusion" (incompetence).

Either way, it seems that even the government is a model of competence and fair dealing compared to the Libertarian Party of California.

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