Monday, June 18, 2007

Karen Kwiatkowski Not Running for VP ... At This Time

I just received the following email from George Phillies:

"I have just been in touch with Karen. She is not running for Veep at this time, and has asked me to clarify this to people if it comes up. There were good reasons for believing that she was, but her current statement is that she is not."

Libertarian Party presidential candidate Phillies had earlier expressed an interest in Kwiatkowski being his running mate. But it appears Kwiatkowski is not currently interested in being anyone's running mate.

My dream ticket remains Ron Paul/Karen Kwiatkowski, but should neither of them seek the Libertarian Party nomination, Phillies is an attractive alternative.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Pro-War Libertarians' Unfair "Compromise" of Silence

For years, pro-war types in the Libertarian Party have been saying that "because there is disagreement" over the Iraq War, we should therefore avoid discussing the issue. This is presented as some sort of pragmatic, fair-minded compromise.

The fault in this "logic" is that we are currently at war; war is the status quo, and silence always benefits the status quo. What's more, if we don't protest the Iraq War and a foreign interventionist policy in general, we're far more likely to have yet another war in Iran (which would suit many pro-war types just fine).

The War Party has what it wants. Why should they want to discuss the issue? Discussion brings change. Avoid the issue, remain silent on the issue, and the War Party wins.

Why should peaceniks accept rules of "compromise" that are calculated to benefit one side and not the other? We shouldn't. We should discuss the war in all Libertarian Party publications and at all Libertarian events. After we end the war, then we'll agree that everyone must stop supporting all future foreign interventions. Then we'll seen how keen the War Party is on silence.