Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Obama Gives More Money Than Ever to Israel

David Rosenberg reports in Arutz Sheva [April 26, 2016]:

The White House is reportedly planning to accept Israeli demands for increased military aid, following pressure by the US Senate to sign a new Memorandum of Understanding laying out US support to Israel for the next decade.

With the current Memorandum of Understanding set to expire in 2018, Israel has been pressuring the White House to enlarge the annual aid package from $3.1 billion to between $4-4.5 billion.

Israeli "demands"? What right does any foreign nation have to "demand" freebies? Israel doesn't even bother to ask. Israel "demands."

Part of Israel's rationale for its demands is that Iran is buying more weapons. Buying, not demanding freebies. Okay. So what's stopping Israel from buying more weapons? But to demand freebies? Even to ask for freebies would be wrong. No foreign nation deserves freebies from Uncle Sam.

Read Rosenberg's full report here.

Of course, this means cognitive dissonance for pro-Israel, anti-Obama fanatics on the Neocon site, Free Republic. It's an article of faith among "Freepers" that the hated Obama hates their beloved Israel. How then to explain Obama's unprecedented largesse for Israel? Their rationales are hilariously dishonest:

* Largest aide package, from Obama, means a super sized box of Wheaties kicked out of a C130, with a bad parachute.

Well, no. Obama's aid (not aide) package means more money than ever for Israel. This Neocon Obama-hater just can't admit that Obama is extremely pro-Israel.

Understand, this Freeper knows better. He knows that Obama will send much money to Israel. He just can't admit it.

* Not until Obama, has an American president so often given into the demands of other nations. It makes the United States look weak on the international stage and that in the end hurts Israel, showing the world that Obama is the most anti-Israel president in U.S. history.

Let's examine the above Freeper's "logic." Caving to Israel's demand for money makes America look weak. This is bad for Israel. Thus, if Obama gives money to Israel, that proves he hates Israel.

Hey, in that case, can we show some love for Israel -- and not send it any money?

Really, can our Congress stop "hating" on Israel by sending it so much stolen American tax dollars? Can Congress instead start loving on Israel by sending it no money?

I didn't think so.

* Obama will make promises... and deliver nothing.

Again, not true. And this Freeper knows it. He just can't -- or won't -- admit it.

No matter how much money a politician sends Israel, he must always be open to accusations of being anti-Israel, thus pressuring him to send still more money on the next go around.

Read the Free Republic thread here.


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Wayne Allyn Root Praises Donald Trump for Revitalizing GOP

Wayne Allyn Root, the Libertarian Party's 2008 vice presidential nominee, praised Donald Trump on Fox News for revitalizing the GOP. Root says that, thanks to Trump, "the GOP has its mojo back!"

The above Fox News clip is from last March, but I just came across it.

It's ironic that Root is praising Trump, because Root has long been a strong advocate of free trade. It's been one of his few consistent policy positions -- whereas Trump has advocated protectionism throughout his 2016 campaign. So it seems that Root is now ditching yet another one of his previous "principles."

However, Root's turnabout is not surprising. Trump is getting a lot of media face time. I suspect Root hopes that by cheerleading for Trump he might share in that limelight.