Thursday, October 08, 2015

John and Ken Show Mocks Libertarian Candidate Augustus Sol Invictus

Augustus Sol Invictus, the Florida Libertarian Party's candidate for U.S. Senate, is attracting national media for his loopy statements and behavior. Invictus admitted to drinking goat's blood during a pagan ritual sacrifice, has predicted a coming race war, and has expressed pride in associating with skinheads. (Invictus is a criminal defense attorney.)

Invictus's antics have recently caught the attention of KFI's John and Ken Show (starring John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou; see photo), 640 on the AM dial. Broadcast from Los Angeles, John and Ken's show is the most popular local radio show in the U.S., attracting 1.2 million listeners during its afternoon drive-time slot.

Last Monday, October 8th, John and Shannon Farren (who was filling in for the vacationing Ken), discussed Invictus. John said that while the LP largely reflects his political views, he could never support the party because they seem to nominate the craziest of candidates. He and Shannon joked about how the LP must have found Invictus by shaking the Crazy Tree. 

You can hear the portion of their show where they discussed Invictus by clicking here.