Friday, August 30, 2013

The Daily Show Punks Wayne Allyn Root

I've not been active in the libertarian party or movement lately -- that may or may not change -- so I've not been posting much. Nor have I been interested in libertarian embarrassment Wayne Allyn Root since he quite the LP in 2012.

But I stumbled across this clip from The Daily Show and had to share:
Root will gravitate to any camera or microphone, even in unfriendly (i.e., liberal) territory -- and that's why he ended up with egg on his face. Not because Root is a brave proponent of principles, but because he's a clueless media hog.
How clueless? Judging from his above appearance, it seems he actually thinks he came off well. That he actually made an "excellent point" in suggesting that rich, Republican businessmen are more persecuted in America than are blacks, Hispanics, or Muslims.
We also learn from the above interview that the IRS recently audited Root. I wonder what they found?