Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is California Freedom Too Antiwar?

Paulie Cannoli posted my January editorial at The thread soon became dominated by whether CF is too antiwar, and how my tenure compares to that of Bruce Cohen and Brian Holtz before me.

This led to another thread, explicitly on the issue of whether California Freedom is too antiwar.

Too much to summarize -- 331 posts, so far!

Former Orange County LP Chair Bruce Cohen once again shows what a class act he is, saying among other things (in the second thread): "Sipos, [Ted] Brown and Kookenaga have turned the paper into a quality level a High School Journalism class couldn’t get a C with. And, they have turned it into a carbon copy of the Daily Kos, where any Libertarians that aren’t anarcho-extremists are unwelcome."

By "Kookenaga," Bruce means California LP Chair Kevin Takenaga.

Bruce is very antsy about his "copyrights," but of course, federal copyright law permits me to quote excerpts from his public postings. It's called Fair Use. If Bruce doesn't like it, well, the law isn't on his side, so tough.

But check out that second thread to read all of Bruce's fulminations.