Monday, November 26, 2007

I'd Support Paul/Kucinich in 2008

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that
Dennis Kucinich would consider Ron Paul
as his VP running mate. Meanwhile, Kucinich's wife states that Kucinich might accept running as VP under Paul.

I am opposed to Kucinich's domestic policies. My dream ticket is Paul/Kwiatkowski.

However, should Paul run as an independent, a Paul/Kucinich ticket is something that Libertarians should seriously consider. Paul will likely never win the presidency with just Republican support; not enough Republicans support him.

Additionally, Paul's support spans the spectrum. And he'll need to tap into this wide spectrum of support -- from left, right, and center -- to win on an independent ticket.

Yet despite admiring Paul, many of Paul's leftist supporters worry about Paul's libertarian economics. A Kucinich VP could cement Paul's support among the left, convincing them that Paul isn't that "scary."

As someone who's never voted Democratic in his life, I can vote for a Kucinich VP if that's the price of getting Paul into the White House. I've held my nose for worse tickets in the past.

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