Monday, July 07, 2008

Wayne Allyn Root Campaign's Smearing of Mary Ruwart

Over at Last Free Voice, Steve LaBianca posts details on the smearing of Mary Ruwart:

"Is it not common knowledge (my understanding is that this is accurately documented) that Starr personally ordered Mary Ruwart's Short Answers to the Tough Questions in April from Laissez Faire Books? That this order was placed with "extreme rush", with shipping cost no object, for the express purpose of getting it into the hands of, i.e. was “rush” shipped to, Mark Schreiber (W.A.R.’s campaign manager) in Lexington, Kentucky? That this book purchase was revealed by Schreiber publicly at the Indiana Convention (including, that an extremely expensive “rush” shipping cost was paid) for the express purpose of “revealing” the page 43 “tough” question about how a libertarian could argue against child pornography? (Mind you, Mary Ruwart was giving reasons for libertarians to argue against child pornography, not FOR it!)"

LaBianca's comments may be found here.

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Steve LaBianca said...

Since I posted this comment, I have heard of no reports of either Aaron Starr or Mark Schreiber refuting the posting. Though I doubt that you would get any comment from anyone over at Laissez Faire Books, it is documented that Starr ordered the book to be sent "rush" to Schreiber.

W.A.R. had told a close friend of mine at the NYLP convention that when she confronted him about his smear of Mary Ruwart, he said that he only knew about it from the internet. Poppycock! But then, W.A.R. isn't really known for his truthfulness. The now infamous "Ruwarchy" poster started his "smears" of Mary Ruwart within a few days after "Short Answers" was ordered.

However, W.A.R. also said that he thought the LP had no business nominating anyone who had such "views" on child pornography. What the hell does a 1 + year member of the LP (W.A.R. joined in early 2007) know about who the LP should nominate?