Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ralph Nader for Ron Paul

Ralph Nader has issued a statement of support for Ron Paul's principles. Nader claims he is not for Big Government.

This was in response to a joint press conference attended by Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, the Constitution Party's Chuck Baldwin, and the Green Party's Cynthia McKinney.

The Libertarian Party's Bob Barr had been invited to attend, but was a no-show. Why this is so remains a matter of controversy.


ryanshaunkelly said...

(Ron Paul & Ralph Nader)

And what you say about his company
Is what you say about society.
Catch the mist, catch the myth
Catch the mystery, catch the drift.

(McKinney Gravel Kucinich Ventura Perot)

A modern-day warrior
Mean mean stride,
Todays tom sawyer
Mean mean pride.

[msm lip gloss]

Dave F. said...

Reaching out to the left is one of the most important things Ron Paul has done.

Despite the wide range of beliefs in third parties including the Libertarian, Green and Constitution parties, it's fascinating to see the strong pro-liberty positions coming their platforms in respect to foreign policy and civil liberties.

On another note, if this press conference didn't show Bob Barr defenders what a mistake they made with him, I don't know what will.
He's nothing more than an opportunistic right-wing transient.