Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wayne Allyn Root's Unsatisfied Costumer

Wayne Allyn Root loves to tout that he's an entrepreneur, Millionaire Republican, or small businessman, depending on which spin works best at the moment.

He ran a sports betting business, which he promoted through infomercials. Customers would call in to receive sports betting advice. That was Root's product. Root certainly made money on it (or at least, he claims to be a "Millionaire Republican" from his efforts.)

But how did it work out for others?

Here's what one unhappy customer has to say.

Root also left behind some unhappy employees.

And it doesn't look like Root's investors fared any better.

Well, who cares whether a business's customers, employees, or investors come out ahead? The important thing is, Root seems to have done okay.

Rumors are that Root may run for National Chair of the Libertarian Party in 2010. He's certainly a candidate for the LP's 2012 presidential nomination.

I'm confident that, even if Root harms the LP's reputation, Root will continue to come out ahead. His LP creds will help Root sell plenty of books, and may perhaps even land a paid media gig. That's the important thing.

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