Saturday, March 06, 2010

Left-Right Antiwar Meeting, Part 5

On, David R. Henderson reports in detail on the recent Left-Right Antiwar Meeting.

Non-partisan meetings like this are hopeful, partially because of the failure of any political parties, large or small, to do anything.

The Democrats are continuing the "Republican" wars, and they may yet attack Iran.

And the Libertarian Party is hopeless. Most of the national LP's leadership, and its unofficial mouthpiece, Wayne Allyn Root, focus on the economy, and ignore the current and upcoming wars. No wonder many LP members suspect that, in their hearts, Root and much of the LNC, is pro-war.

Antiwar libertarians need to cooperate more with antiwar activists of every political persuasion. Liberal, paleoconservative, independent, progressive, Constitutionalist, doesn't matter.

If the LP can't get its act together, and be more loudly antiwar, then antiwar libertarians should withhold their votes and donations from the LP.

Yes, stay in the LP and try and change it from within, if you're so inclined to do. But do not "build the party" until it proves morally deserving of your votes and money.

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