Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Can Libertarians Be "A Little Bit Pregnant"?

The Libertarian Party's "Vote Getter" faction (for lack of a better term) has long advised that the LP "is a political party" and so we must be wary of "scaring voters" with "purist rhetoric."

Consider Wayne Allyn Root, who says that the LP should steer clear of non-economic issues. Root joins other Reform types who say that foreign affairs and war and national security are "divisive" issues, to be avoided if the LP wants to "get votes."

At the same time, most Vote Getters (some of whom are Radicals) join with other Libertarians in deriding Republicans for being "unprincipled" and betraying their promise of smaller government.

The LP Vote Getters want it both ways. They want the LP to dilute its issues so as not to "scare voters," while at the same time claiming to be "principled," unlike the Republicans.

The LP Vote Getters want the LP to compromise (for votes) while remaining principled (unlike the GOP). They want a Libertarian Party that's only "a little bit pregnant," unlike the GOP, which is "very pregnant."

No, I'm not deriding incrementalism. I support incrementalism. Incrementalism means moving slowly in X direction, yet still proclaiming that you expect to arrive at X.

Vote Getters want to hide X Goal from voters, either fooling voters about the LP's end goals -- or perhaps not even wanting to arrive at X.

That's right. Some Vote Getters are "low tax Imperialists" at heart. They support war and empire, but use "it'll lose votes and donations" as an excuse not to support those issues.


Anonymous said...

Open Comment from California ..... Lake // Jul 20, 2010 at 8:51 pm

tis the way Nightmare Nightingale, Chelene Ward Nightingale, ran California’s ‘Save Our State’ into the ground! I am suspicous of pretty much any thing ‘tea party’ oriented!

Republicrats and Democans both suck!
5 Let's spread the word, the truth ..... Lake // Jul 20, 2010 at 9:13 pm

Canton Area TEA Party – Two Events
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Rockwall County Tea Party, a bunch of GOP [Gross Ole Partisans] moles if ever was, is blocking any one but fellow GOP moles to their event. [ESPECIALLY non GOP type Libs!] If it talks like a GOP mole, if it walks like a GOP mole ………..

Citizens For A Better Veterans Home,, 619.420.0209

Erik G. said...

Well said, Mr. Sipos, pointing out the logical fallacies of the 'LP Vote Getters.' I certainly applaud this article, and will be sure to use similar reasoning the next time I encounter a WAR (or other) disciple of this mentality.