Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Progressives for War

With some exceptions, all too many Americans will quickly betray whatever principles they profess if they think it'll help their preferred political party's chances in the next election. Libertarians ditch their "extreme" views to "get votes" for the Libertarian Party. Conservatives ignore the GOP's reckless spending. And progressives forgive imperialist war-mongering -- so long as a Democratic president is leading that war.

Monterey County libertarian peace activist Lawrence K. Samuels has now put progressives on the spot. Samuels drafted a resolution demanding that President Obama return his Nobel Peace Prize, both for escalating old wars and starting new wars.

Samuels tried to get local progressives (his Peace Coalition of Monterey County partners) to to sign his resolution, but for one excuse or another, they all balked.

Samuels says he's not surprised. He'd long suspected that many of his progressive allies were more anti-Bush than pro-peace. Samuels adds that he drafted his resolution partially to test his progressives allies' commitment to peace. And they failed his test.

Read Samuels's full report.

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