Sunday, May 20, 2012

Starchild Challenges Wayne Allyn Root

I've written previously about how rich Neocons are trying to purge the Libertarian Party of antiwar radicals.

Now Carol Moore is distributing a telling conversation between San Francisco libertarian activist Starchild (newly-elected to the LNC at the 2012 national convention) and Wayne Allyn Root (re-elected to the LNC at that same convention).

Their exchange occurred on the LNC listserv, which Starchild apparently distributed (on May 12, 2012) to other listservs, which Moore then further spread.

Starchild summarizes the gist of his conversation with Root by saying:

"I bear no malice toward W.A.R., but he really doesn't belong in our party's leadership. He doesn't believe there's room for us (and by 'us' in this context I mean radicals, anarchists, Libertarians who are for opening borders, eliminating foreign aid, legalizing all drugs, etc.), any more than I think there's room for him."

Read the entire exhange.

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