Sunday, June 17, 2018

Israel Attacks Free Speech -- Bans Filming Soldiers

From the AFP, (June 17, 2018) another example in liberty from The Mideast's Only Democracy!

Jerusalem (AFP) - Israeli ministers on Sunday backed a draft law carrying a jail term of up to 10 years for those who film or photograph soldiers with harmful intent, the justice ministry said.
Critics say the law, which will now face a series of parliamentary debates, could be a threat to free speech.

The ministerial committee on legislation endorsed the bill against "people who film, photograph or record soldiers performing their duties in order to demoralise soldiers and Israeli civilians".

The draft law would give courts the power to imprison those found guilty for five years, although a 10-year sentence would apply to defendants convicted of trying to "harm the state's security".

The same prison terms would apply to people sharing such images or recordings on social media or through traditional media.

Yes, filming active duty Israeli soldiers has proven to be problematic for the Israelis. The article cites the following embarrassing incident:

An Israeli soldier was recently released from prison after serving nine months behind bars for shooting dead an injured Palestinian, an act which was caught on video by a human rights group and spread widely online.

Hmm, nine months for murdering an already injured (i.e., harmless) Palestinian.

Yes, I know that many Arab nations are just as bad. But the U.S. media and politicians don't incessantly drone on about those Arab nations' stellar commitments to liberty and human rights. Israel's supporters do. So it's only fair to point out the many instances wherein Israel's actions fall short of its propaganda. 



Hank Phillips said...

True. Some of the bias may have to do with the group of Saudi nationals that hijacked passenger jets into civilian buildings. An earlier collection of folks similar in persuasion and political pigmentation murdering olympic athletes in Munich also did little to attract sympathy to their cause. The list of Israeli commandos filling the streets of New York, London and Paris with dead and wounded is, I'd wager, considerably shorter. But setting an example by being for individual rights by rejecting the initiation of force--with votes--has resulted in many changes in law and politics over the past 46 years. I'll put my winnings on that rather than trying to sort out alien ethicists in unknown languages.

Hank Phillips said...

Soldiers with harmless intent are OK?