Friday, June 07, 2024

Wayne Allyn Root Flip Flops on Gays, Yet Again

One of my many complaint against Wayne Allyn Root, when he ran for the LP presidential nomination in 2008, was that he was a weather vane. Most of his principles kept changing, and changing back, depending on which position currently appeared to be in his political and financial best interest.

Root was an opportunist who stood for nothing.

He hasn't changed. He's now claiming credit for "masterminding" Donald Trump's appearance and speech at the 2024 LNC national convention. During his boasting, Root mocked the convention's nomination of Oliver Chase, of whom he said, "To spite Trump, the next day, they named a woke, ultra-left, gay presidential nominee."

Not that, contextually, Root is using the term "gay" as an insult.

So is Root anti-gay?

Yet in 2008, when he was courting the LP presidential nomination, Root marched with gay Libertarians in a San Francisco Pride Parade. I reported that in the September 2008 issue of California Freedom.

As I wrote at the time:

When Wayne Allyn Root first announced his run for the presidency less than two years ago, his position was that marriage was between a man and a woman. Later, like Bob Barr, Root claimed to have evolved toward a more libertarian position on gay rights. At the Denver convention, he promised Outright Libertarians (OL) that he would back his philosophical evolution with visible support.

Last June, Root made good on his promise, marching with OL in the San Francisco Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Parade and Celebration, held on June 28 and 29.

OL national chair Rob Power said that OL fielded "about a dozen" marchers, and that overall parade and festival attendance was at 1.2 million according to Wikipedia.


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