Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Libertarian Party of California; Dirty Tricks at the State Convention

One reason I'm sick of going to Libertarian Party conventions (state or national) is all the Parliamentarian tricks that opposing delegates play to subvert one another. The sort of petty, dirty tricks that's typical of Demorcrats and Republicans ... and, unfortunately, also of Libertarians.

LPC delegate Carolyn Marbry reports this from last weekend's state convention in Long Beach:

"A common trick I saw put in play this last weekend in CA was the handing out of flyers while your opponent was making his nomination speech. Rustle, rustle, and the delegates are distracted. [Mark] Hinkle did it to [Michael] Seebeck when he was running for rep and [Aaron] Starr did it to me during the excomm meeting to try to derail my resolution re: floor fees, er, I mean poll taxes, er, I meant registration fees.

"I'd love to see that crap stopped because it's simply bad manners. I'd love for the delegates to see it and appreciate it as bad manners and a clear indicator of a weak case, for someone to resort to that or to waving a sign at excomm members saying 'orders of the day — adjourn?' to try to keep a resolution from being presented."

Marby's comment may be found at Independent Political Report.

In their defense, Democrats and Republicans compete for real power, and real outcomes. Libertarians don't have that excuse. They compete for crumbs, yet with a hysteria that implies they think it all matters.

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Bruce Cohen said...

I feel dirty.
Sick to my stomach.

I NEVER agree with 'fuzzy' Sipos.

But this time it's right.

I call for a motion forbidding flyers being handed out or any kind of demonstrations during business.

Listen, during voting and counting, fine. Fly your ballon and Starchild can do backflips.

But if Hinkle and Starr actually did that, there should be a resolution condemning it and asking for an apology.

When Sipos is right, he's right.
Don't bet on him, but this time, ok.

No comments about blind squirrels, please!