Sunday, February 07, 2010

Wayne Allyn Root's "Obama Columbia Conspiracy Theory" Hits Daily Kos

Libertarian Party embarrassment Wayne Allyn Root has long implied that Obama never attended classes at Columbia, simply because Root (who attended Columbia at the same time) never met Obama, and didn't know anyone who had met Obama.

Well, I attended New York University, and I never met most of the students there, and most never met me. We all travel in our own small circle of friends.

However, although Columbia does remember Obama, Root's conspiracy theory insinuation is now traveling the internet via email. Much like those Birther or Truther conspiracy emails.

The Daily Kos posted one last November (over a year after the election), and there are some funny replies. Although the Daily Kos is progressive, and I'm not, I can't help agreeing with most of the snarky anti-Root comments (some of them quite amusing).

Check out the Daily Kos/Root thread over here.

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Unknown said...

If it walks,talks and acts like a duck...whats the difference....its still a duck...enough said