Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Progressives for Ron Paul

Progressive Robin Koerner has an excellent piece The Huffington Post, wherein he argues that Obama has proven himself to be no peacenik, and that Democrats who truly want peace should join the Republican Party in order to vote for Ron Paul.

No, Koerner's not turned Republican. He slams the GOP, but acknowledges that Paul, for all his imperfections (from a progressive standpoint), is the best candidate out there, on either party.

Koerner writes in part:

"If you are a Democrat, and you sit tight and vote Democrat again 'because you've always been a Democrat' or because you think that some group with which you identity will benefit more from Democrat programs than a Republican one, then that is up to you, and I wish you well. But don't you dare pretend that you are motivated primarily by peace, civil rights or a government that treats people equally.

"That Ron Paul, who has been standing up for these principles quietly for half a lifetime, happens to be a member of the Republican party is a lot less important than the principles that we should be voting on. The fact that he is not a party guy should be obvious from his extensive differences in policy from his party and the fact that many think, given his views, he should not run as a Republican at all.

"As Dr. Paul often points out, however, we live in a country with a corrupt political party duopoly... and the system is stacked against anyone who would run outside the two party system. So he's doing what he has to do. And so should we as Americans who love peace and freedom. It really isn't complicated."

Read the entire article.

This article demonstrate yet again why Ron Paul is such an attractive candidate -- for any party! Paul appeals across the mainstream. Paul has supported Wikileaks, called for ending foreign aid (even to sacred cow Israel), opposed the CIA and Tea Party warmongers, and incurred their wrath. Paul has condemned Obama for being pro-war as early as 2009, and has earned praise from progressive Ralph Nader.

Were Ron Paul to run as an Independent, or even as a Republican with a progressive peacenik running mate, he has a real shot in 2012.

Contrast Paul's broad appeal to that of libertarian embarrassment Wayne Allyn Root. Despite Root's boost in 2008 -- "I'm Ron Paul on steroids!" -- Wayne Allyn (pro-Afghan surge; anti-Afghan surge"; Weak on Wikileaks; pro- and anti-Hosni Mubarak; Birther conspiracy instigator, etc., etc.) Root appeals mostly to the Palin/Bachmann Neocon wing of the Tea Party -- and those people would far rather vote for Palin or Bachman than ... "Who's that guy on Fox Business Channel again?"

Indeed, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann supporters will vote for any Republican in 2012, over anyone else, regardless of what they say now.


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