Monday, August 08, 2011

A Big Lie: The Most Important Election In History

Well, not so much a Big Lie, as a Common Lie. Partisans of both major parties repeat it. Yet it's a Tried and True Lie. It works.

Every election year, Republicans and Democrats say that this election will be the most important election of our lifetimes, or in American history, or perhaps even in the history of the time-space continuum.

It may be noble and understandable to vote for an independent or third party candidate, but this election is too important to lose. All of world history -- perhaps even all of galactic history -- will be determined by this upcoming election.

It's an obvious lie, because, come next election, we're again told that this election is too important to lose! (Wow! -- Even more important that that last election?!)

It's also a silly lie, intended to frighten people into thinking, "Sure, I hate this major party, but I hate the other major party more -- and because this election so important, I'll vote for the lesser evil. I only vote for good candidates in unimportant elections."

This year's Big Lie Award winner is KRLA-AM's Dennis Prager, for being the first to call the 2012 election "the most important election in history."

I heard Prager announce his Big Lie last week -- the first week of August 2011.

It may be that someone beat Prager to the punch, but I haven't heard it. So I anoint Prager 2012's winner.

Prager didn't qualify "history", so maybe he meant the history of the United States, or the history of the human species, or even the history of every multivese along the space-time continuum -- yes, the 2012 election is that important.

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