Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Christine Smith's Meltdown

Many have called newbie Libertarian presidential candidate Christine Smith "delusional" and worse. Although behaving in a condescending "purer than thou" manner, she never enjoyed any widespread support among Purists or Radicals. They much preferred Mary Ruwart, Steve Kubby, or even Mike Gravel.

For months, Smith had been claiming to be "the frontrunner by any metric." Yet she got only 6 votes on the first ballot. Talk about a reality check!

During her "concession speech," Smith went ballistic, attacking Barr for "hijacking" the LP. I'd have enjoyed seeing Smith's psycho performance. She always irritated me, her being a newbie yet presuming to lecture to Purists on what it means to be a Purist.

Sadly, much of the California delegation was out in the hallway voting on the next ballot while Smith was freaking out live on C-SPAN. So I missed the show.

I wish I had some photos or videos of Smith's meltdown. All I could find was this post-meltdown video:

Smith's performance was boo-worthy. But the Barr contingent who did the booing were the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.

Prior to Smith's antics, the Barr people led a placard parade past the C-SPAN cameras while LP Chair Redpath was speaking. Very rude. The Barr folks were behaving just like ... well, like Christine Smith.

I'll post more on the convention later. I haven't had much time while at the convention itself. I made my last post from a molasses-slow Verizon "high-speed wireless broadband" internet connection. (High speed. Yeah, right.)

Meanwhile, Smith continues her immature tantrum on her blog. (I suspect she herself wrote those "emails of support" from her imaginary fans.)

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