Thursday, May 29, 2008

Massachusetts LP Revolts Against Barr/Root

On May 27, as I was leaving for Denver airport, a member of the LNC (who shared the van ride with me) told me that the Massachusetts LP is in revolt. Their members are refusing to gather petitions for Barr/Root.

Thus, the LP must now spend money on professional signature gatherers in MA, when previously they'd relied on volunteer signature gatherers.

I wonder how many Libertarian voters Barr/Root will lose? Many Libertarians are saying that they will not vote for Barr/Root.

If Republicans "go home" to McCain by the time November rolls around (as usually happens), it may be that Barr/Root underperform Badnarik.

1 comment:

paulie said...

Arthur Torrey is the only elector/petitioner who has revolted.

As before Denver, the vast majority of the drive is paid.