Thursday, May 08, 2008

May 2008 California Freedom

I'd submitted the finished May 2008 issue of California Freedom on April 27, but for some reason, it's still not up on the website. So I make it available online here.

Below I also reprint one of the articles in this May issue:

Libertarians Protest 4,000th U.S. Troop Killed in Iraq

by Lawrence K. Samuels

Monterey Libertarians for Peace, Monterey CodePink, and the Peace Coalition of Monterey were among the estimated thirty participants in an antiwar protest on March 24 at Windows-on-the-bay, in Monterey, CA.

The protest was organized in response to the death of the 4,000th U.S. soldier in the ongoing Iraq War. Large signs displayed on the grass mourned the mounting casualties, while Hanan Shawar, coordinator for Monterey CodePink, wore "bloodied" bandages to emphasize the horrors of war.

Protesters urged support for the troops rather than the war. They hoped to prevent the U.S. government from further betraying the idealism and bravery of U.S. service men and women by sacrificing their lives in a needless and unconstitutional war.

Passing motorists honked their approval of the protesters' antiwar message.

Shawar has for the past several years been a key partner with Monterey Libertarians for Peace in organizing antiwar efforts.
Lawrence K. Samuels is Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Monterey County. He co-chairs Monterey County Libertarians for Peace with Prof. David R. Henderson, an economist with the Hoover Institute. Samuels's email:

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