Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Why Not Obama/Paul?

For Vice President, Barack Obama should pick ... Ron Paul.

Like Obama, Paul has a devoted following among the young, antiwar, and change-oriented. I know of one young, female Paul libertarian who's already supporting Obama.

Many antiwar Libertarians are unhappy with the LP ticket. They would enthusiastically support Obama/Paul.

We hear about "Obama Republicans." Paul would bring more Republicans to Obama.

Clinton Democrats are threatening to shift to McCain. Obama needs Paul Libertarians and Republicans to cancel out unhappy Clinton fans.

Paul is a team player. He's spent his life working cordially with people he disagrees with (virtually everyone in Washington). I've read that Paul admires Obama. Paul would be a respectful Number Two (unlike Clinton).

Paul is in his seventies. He would not plot behind Obama, planning his next presidential run.

Obama/Paul would overturn paradigms and unite the country. Black and white, Democrat and Republican, progressive and libertarian, will enthusiastically support Obama/Paul. McCain and Clinton will be history.


George Donnelly said...

The pipedreams of the Paulbots know no limit.

RP doesn't represent a significant enough constituency to bring the needed value to the VP slot.

Obama needs someone who is white, male, experienced in government and from a big state.

Thomas said...

Obama needs someone who is white, male, experienced in government and from a big state.

Ron Paul meets all your stated qualifications.

George Donnelly said...

I knew you would say that. :)

He doesn't make the cut though, because he's just not prominent enough.

Obama is a rookie. He needs an old hand, someone like Daschle or Nunn, that kind of prominent.

Also, being a rookie and in such a tight battle with Clinton, I don't think he can risk going outside his party for the VP.

Thomas said...

The tight race with Clinton is over.

Obama must now run to the center and reach out to independents and Republicans.

Ron Paul would be such an "outside the box" choice. It would tantalize the imagination of the voting public, especially of youth. No more "same old, same old" politics.

George Donnelly said...

It would also irritate the Hillary crowd, which he can't afford to do.

Just because he clinched doesn't mean the fight is over. Essentially they're in a dead heat for the nomination, even if he is ahead by a couple hundred votes.

If you want to tantalize the imagination, let's go back to where the candidate who came in second for president gets the VP job. That would be interesting.

Thomas said...

Obama can never stomach Hillary for VP.

Hillary doesn't have it in her to be anyone's Number Two. She's 60 years old and has been in Bill's shadow long enough. Were she Obama's VP, she'd muscle in for a co-presidency, and if Obama ever treated her as less than an equal co-president, Hillary's fans would scream "Sexist!"

Obama need to cut her loose ASAP. Quick and clean.

What if McCain picked Joe Lieberman as his VP (as some are seriously suggesting). If McCain picks a Democrat, then in that case, it'd certainly be a good move for Obama to pick a Ron Paul, no?

George Donnelly said...

Obama has to appease Hillary's supporters somehow though. But I don't think a female VP is the way to go for him.

if McCain picks a Dem, yes, good point, that would make it easier for Obama to pick a Republican.

paulie said...

Don't count chickens yet. Obama may not survive til Denver. RFK, anyone? If he does, he'll pretty much need to pick Hillary, like it or not - half the party voted for her and he'll need their time and money between now and November.

Plus, McKinney and Nader are running, and McKinney especially can appeal on gender identity politics. And some people may stay home or, in the case of moderates, vote for McCain. Obama will have a tough time in the general election in some of the states where Clinton won lopsided primary wins - IF he doesn't have an "accident" first.

George Donnelly said...

This RFK talk is extremely distasteful and negative. It's repulsive and reflects poorly on the speaker.

Why do people talk about that kind of tragedy so casually? I don't get it.

I'm no fan of Obama, but do you understand the kind of damage an assassination attempt on him would do to the nation?!

Assassination of a candidate for the Presidency - much less a _black_ candidate - is not something to be discussed lightly.

Didn't Hillary just say she doesn't want the Veep nomination?

ok said...
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ok said...

That would be the day ;)

paulie said...

Sorry if it's distasteful. These things happen, though.

Discuss it as lightly or unlightly as you wish, but it's a possibility. The Secret Service isn't infallible.